Robert M. Barrett                             THE BIG R     1931-2008

Bob Barrett loved life and lived it to the fullest and was always looking to help people.  To keep his memory alive and to continue with his efforts  caring for others a 501 (c)(3) charity was formed.

On behalf of the Robert M. Barrett Memorial Trust I would like to thank you for attending or sponsoring our event this year on July 24th, 2010. Your support this year will benefit three charities: The Scleroderma Foundation, Main Stay Therapeutic Riding and The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp serves approximately 15,000 children each year. Children from the ages of 7 to 15 years with medical illnesses, most of the campers have cancer or serious blood disorders. Main Stay Therapeutics works with a wide range of disabilities. Listed below are a few of the disabilities: Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Congenital Birth Defects, Muscular Dystrophy, Autism, Developmental Delays, Multiple Sclerosis, Amputees. Scleroderma is a chronic, degenerative, autoimmune disorder that leads to the over-production of collagen in the body's connective tissue. The word "scleroderma" means "hardening of the skin" and refers to one of the possible physical effects of the disease approximately 300,000 people in the U.S. have scleroderma. For information on the charities visit http://www.holeinthewallgang.org  Main Stay Therapeutic at   http://www.mstrp.org/  and the Scleroderma Foundation at   http://www.scleroderma.org/

We would like to acknowledge the following businesses and sponsors who have either offered a service or made a donation. We ask that you in turn support them. This event could not have taken place without their support and contibutions.

Little Villa Restaurant                          http://www.littlevillapizza.com/
Palm Court Restaurant _                    

Ferrara Pan Candy                               http://www.ferrarapan.com/

Lou Malnati's Pizza                              http://www.loumalnatis.com/

The Cottage/Crystal Lake                  http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-cottage-crystal-lake
Buffalo Wild Wings/Crystal Lake    
Rocks Bar & Grill (John Evans Restaurant)
Tony’s Café/Crystal Lake    
Kojak’s Restaurant                            
The Cary Company                             
Home Depot                                         
Hooters-Crystal Lake                        

Fast Eddies Car Wash                         http://www.fasteddiescarwashes.com/
Labemi’s- Crystal Lake   
Kalck’s Butcher Shop                        http://www.kalcksbutchershop.com/
Joes Barber Shop-Crystal Lake     
Brinks Street Bar
Lou Malnati’s Pizza                             http://www.loumalnatis.com/  
Ace Hardware-Ziegler’s                   

Linda M. Barrett

Chase Bank/Cary
Brunch Café/Fox River Grove           
Fox Ford Hills Golf Club/Cary            
Hi-Grade Welding                                
Bob Barrett Jr.
IHOP Restaurant/Crystal Lake
Simple Grace
(Debbie King & Debbie Carone)
Chicago Anodizing                              
(Brian Isola)
McHenry Specialties                        
(Joe D’Angelo)
Brian Urlacher                                    

Budweiser City Beverage                 http://www.soave.com/core/beverage_arlington.php      (Bob Trausch)
The Loop 97.9

The Arenberg family
Warren Hanssen
Action Pump Co.                                 

Buss Ford/Lincoln Mercury              http://www.bussford.com/
(Steve Buss)
Mighty Pac Inc. (box mfg.).               http://mightypac.com/
Volume Liquors/Cary              http://local.yahoo.com/info-17142975-volume-liquors-cary
(Barhart Jasani)
Think Schools                                      http://thinkschoolsllc.com/                                                     
(Mike Barrett, Josh Reynolds)
Columbia Pipe & Supply Co              
WTMX-101.9fm ( Eric&Kathy)         
Encouraging Arts                               

Real Graphix                                         http://www.realgraphix.com/
Taylor Stevens Salon-Algonquin     http://www.taylorstevens.com/
Chase Bank-Elk Grove
Brunch Café-Mchenry                       

Chalet Hills Golf Course                   
Operation Paint Ball                          
The Tracks- Cary                                
Chris’s Coach House                       http://www.yelp.com/biz/chris-coach-house-restaurant-cary
Paragon Manufacturing                    http://www.paragonmanufacturing.com/
Ed’s Rental- Algonquin            
TGI- Friday’s                                          http://www.tgifridays.com/
Tee-Zel’s Pretzels                                http://www.teezel.com/media.php

Settlers Hill Golf Course                   http://www.settlershill.com/golf/proto/settlershill/
Galati’s Pizza & Pasta http://www.menuism.com/restaurants/galatis-pizza-pasta-cary-11379
Trader Joe’s-Lake Zurich                
McSports-Lake Zuric                        
Doane Keyes Assoc.                         
Raynor Group                                     
Paul’s Sign Post
Precision Lock & Safe                     
Asset Biz                                              
J.W. Small Engine                              
Ron’s Taxidermy                               
Blooming Business
(Jenny Barrett)
CBT Salon                                         
Paper Source                         http://www.paper-source.com/cgi-bin/paper/locations/index.html 
Clearbrook Center                          http://www.clearbrook.org/ 
(Kelly McGraw)
Armanetti’s Liquor                         

A Special Thanks to the Following:
Red Tail Golf Course                            
Dr. William Becker                                http://www.williambeckerdds.com/
John Poulos
Buss Ford/Lincoln Mercury                
(Steve Buss)
Mighty Pac Inc. (box mfg.).                 
Dr. Janet Janis                                      
Columbia Pipe & Supply Co.               
WTMX-101.9fm ( Eric&Kathy)            
US99.5                                                     http://us99country.radio.com/

                       We would also like to thank some of this years contributors

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Becker
Mr. and Mrs. John Arenberg
Mrs. Dawn Brooke
Mr. and Mrs. Brant Andre
Mr. Dennis Caraway
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Behringer
Mr. and Mrs. John Chionos
Mr. and Mrs. Wally Barz
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Connor
Action Building Maintenance
Dr. and Mrs. William Becker
Mr. Jim Collins
Action Pump Company
Mr. and Mrs. William Barrett
Mr. Steve Cielak
Joan Bohannan
Mr. Kyle Barrett
Ms. Kathleen Cory
William Bassitt
Mr. Matthew Barrett
Mr. Greg Cielak
Siok Contract Reps. Inc.
Mr. Jerry Bertolini
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Beauvais
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Frase
Mr. and Mrs. David Fulton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holston
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hampel
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Danielson
Mr. Kyle Danielson
Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Gill
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Herting
Mr. Matt Downs
Mr. Robert Gawell
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hanssen
Mr. James Didomenico
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harkins
Mr. Gerard Glieg
Mr. and Mrs. Charles German
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Janda
Ms. Jayne Fletcher
Ms. Stephanie Garoza
Mr. and Mrs. Janda
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Flood
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Garoufalis
Ms. Karen Fox
Dr. Janet Janis D.D.S.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lindsay
Mr. and Mrs. William Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Janda
Mr. and Mrs. William Lawson
Mr. Don Miller
Mr. William Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Moehlinc
Mr. and Mrs. Ferd Leuffen
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lasiewicz
Ms. Laura Mee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert King
Ms. Kelly McGraw
Mr. Jim Kogut
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Newtson
Mr. and Mrs. John Moran
Mr. Jack Otlewis
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Koenig
Mr. and Mrs. Mark McDonnell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O’Keefe
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kownick
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mele
Dr. Nora O’Malley
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O’Malley
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Samuels
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Starzyk
Mr. and Mrs. John Sellis
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Patek
Mr. and Mrs. John Stark Jr.
Mr. Michael Terreault
Mr. Michael Pellegrino
Mr. Jim Scoville
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Poulos
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stany
Ms. Pamela Paulsrud
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Snodgrass
Mr. Mike Virgilio
Mr. and Mrs. Carolos Restrepo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Small
Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Gill
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Schwarz
Mr. and Mrs. John Poulos
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ray
Mr. Dan Seibt
Mrs. Nancy Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smith
Karen Herting
Ms. Linda Barrett